Surgeries, injuries, broken bones, prolonged illness:

What do we need for your child to return to school?

  • If your child has sustained an injury, is recovering from surgery, has a prolonged illness, has a cast or splint, is on crutches or has activity restrictions, please obtain a written note from the doctor with back to school instructions/activity restrictions.
  • As they recover from their injury/illness/surgery and activity restrictions are liberalized, please obtain updated written instructions for school as needed.
  • This information can be dropped off in the office, emailed to the school nurse, or sent to school with the student.

Please remember there are many health issues that affect school-age children, only a few of which are mentioned here. Ongoing questions about your child's health should be directed to your child's primary care provider. Please see the link below with Frequently Asked Questions.

School Health FAQs 2018